Take a deep dive and learn from real-life uses of our software and workflow solutions, including analytics.

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Webinar Series: Cardiovascular Workflow Solutions for Service Line Success

A series of educational webinars tackling areas such as echocardiography, pediatrics, invasive cardiology, and electrophysiology. See how workflow solutions can improve efficiency and operational and clinical outcomes, and set you up for success in your CV service line. 


RWJBarnabas Health: Radial Access, A Data Story

Lauren Burke, Vice President of Cardiac Quality and Performance Improvement at RWJBarnabas Health, shows us how the adoption of new data practices increased their system-wide use of radial access, which is known to reduce mortality and complications, increase patient satisfaction and same-day discharge, and help contain costs.   


Orlando Health—A Cardiovascular Data Analytics Success Story

Orlando Health uses HealthView Analytics (HVA) to get the operational and quality data they need to drive change. Rick Jones, Manager of Business Support Services at Orlando Health, walks us through his facility’s journey and shows us some of the HVA dashboards that are currently contributing to Orlando Health's success. 


Building Bridges for Effective Enterprise Data Collection with ECG Manager

Data islands in cardiology are all too common, and the disconnectedness of electrocardiography (ECG) readings make it hard to see the whole picture. A truly vendor-neutral, integrated, Cloud-powered ECG solution that addresses the key challenges of the ECG workflow, enables quick and easy access to important patient and enterprise data anywhere, anytime. Learn how you can maximize efficiency and improve clinical and financial performance.

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Registry Solutions—Transitions and Improvements

This special registry solutions presentation covers the transition from Apollo Advance to ApolloLX, the first of which is the STS Adult Registry module with a go-live date of July 1, 2020. In the webinar, we highlight new features and customer benefits, what you need to do in preparation for the transition, including technical considerations, and how to handle customizations, and talk about the new HealthView Analytics.


Automate Registry Data Abstraction to Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency

Learn how to maximize your data with registry solutions that use automated data abstraction—and confidently submit data of the highest quality. By seamlessly deploying registry software within your EHRs so you don’t have to toggle between multiple systems, data abstractors can focus on more high-value tasks.


Powering Population Health and High-Performance Cardiovascular Care with the Elixhauser Comorbidity Index

Learn how to unlock the power of the data you are already collecting to improve your understanding of patient populations, and how disease burden impacts quality and financial outcomes in this 30-minute webinar about how analytics are making evidence-based patient care a reality—by giving doctors and service line leaders the data they need when they need it. 


Leverage Your Data to Reduce Cardiology Costs

In working with data from more than 60 U.S. heart and vascular programs, we have learned that the average program has huge potential to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction by focusing on a few key areas. In this webinar, LUMEDX's Matt Esham talks about customer pain points, analytics needs, and what hospitals can do to drive service line performance in an era of value-based care. 


How Duke Transformed the Cardiac Catheterization Lab Workflow

Watch this informative webinar about how a collaboration with LUMEDX has improved the cath lab workflow at Duke Health in Durham, N.C., with structured reporting, concurrent abstraction, and embedded analytics. Presented by Dr. James Tcheng and Joe Kelly, Administrative Director of Cardiovascular Informatics and Quality Improvement, Duke Center for Health Informatics.


Delivering Clinical and Business Excellence: The Power of Data Transparency

This webinar focuses on the strategies, tactics, and best practices Christiana Care has implemented to ensure top-quality care delivery while containing costs. Find out how leveraging cardiology data has paved the way for wide-ranging clinical and business performance improvement initiatives that have resulted in optimal reimbursement, lower costs-per-case and higher patient satisfaction.


Crouse Hospital's Path to an Integrated CVIS 

Hear all about how about a cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) solution helped Crouse Hospital untether its physicians with integration, lowering IT costs and making it possible to streamline clinical workflows and improve access to patient information.