Webinar: Better data and analytics with structured reporting

At Duke Heart, collecting data at the point of care and using that data to boost performance and drive quality is all part of a solution that improves patient and physician satisfaction—positively impacting overall outcomes and the hospital’s bottom line in the process.

Hear from Dr. James Tcheng about employing a team-based approach, concurrent abstraction, and data analytics in the catheterization lab during our September 23 webinar Structured Reporting and Analytics for Invasive Cardiology.

You’ll learn the benefits of structured reporting and analytics, including:

  • A way to see all your data in one centralized place for a complete patient report that will lead to robust clinical observations.
  • Less cognitive burden on physicians, so they can focus on patient care.
  • Greater access to key metrics such as cost-per-case analysis, room utilization, and more.


Dr. Tcheng is a practicing interventional cardiologist at Duke University Health System and a member of the faculty at Duke Clinical Research Institute and Duke Center for Health Informatics in Durham, N.C.

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