STS Downloads


VAD Devices Last Updated: 2/13/2017 Download (right click to save)
Valve Devices Last Updated: 2/13/2017 Download (right click to save)

*NOTE: Please remember, the on-demand files for the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database are not interchangeable with those for the Congenital Heart Surgery Database. Please make sure you have downloaded the correct files for the STS version you are updating.

Instructions for downloading, saving and importing the files into Apollo:

  1. Right Click on the appropriate link(s) above and select “Save Target As”   You will be prompted for a location to save the file. It's recommended that you save the file to your desktop so it can be loaded into the application from that location. Do not change the name of the file when saving.
  2. (To upload the files from your desktop) Start Apollo. At the main screen, select ADD-Ins > STS Upload Utility.
  3. Select the version of STS you are updating. (Adult or Congenital)
  4. Using the ellipse (…) button, browse out to and select your desktop (or whatever folder you downloaded the files to) and hit OK.
  5. Very quickly, you will get a message saying the process is complete.  Click YES if you would like to view the log file on how the process went or click NO to simply close the message.
  6. Update is complete. If desired, open an event in Apollo and confirm that either Valve or VAD changes are present.