Spine Performance Program

Learn how your service line can reduce waste, improve outcomes, and increase contribution margins

For more information about the Spine Performance Program, or to partner with us as an early adopter, contact Praveen Lobo.

Cardiovascular System

The Spine Performance Program (SPP) is a knowledge-based services and technology package designed to boost clinical, operational and financial performance for your spine service line. It's executed by a collaborative team of HealthView Analytics specialists and key hospital staff. SPP has 5 action components:

  1. Develop SPP Strategic Game Plan
  2. Access National Best Practice Knowledgebase
  3. Deploy Enabling Technology
  4. Launch Staff Education
  5. Improve Operating Margins
Syringe of demineralized bone matrix

Reduce Wasted Supplies

Your physicians are focused on providing the best care for their patients and probably not thinking about the cost of supplies. A surgeon might open a package of demineralized bone matrix (DBM), for instance, use what they need and discard the rest. But by tracking what they actually use, you can then negotiate with suppliers to provide packages that make sense and reduce waste. At an average cost of $115/ml of DBM, orthopedists likely waste over $50,000 each per year on wasted DBM alone. Controlling avoidable costs such as these can add up to millions of dollars in savings.

Improve Staffing and Resource Utilization

Hospitals are complex operations. They must determine how many physicians, nurses, technologists, and other staff they need on hand—on any given day of week and time of day— to provide safe patient care. Additionally, hospitals must keep track of equipment and supplies they need to have readily available. Without tracking and analyzing data in real time, hospitals can be either over-resourced with fixed costs that are too high, or under-resourced with too much overtime—sometimes even diverting patients away and losing revenue. Manage labor in real time in order to maximize productivity across the organization.

Hospital Staff
Operating Room

Improving Operating Room Efficiencies

Delays in the operating room can have a ripple effect, not just increasing costs such as overtime pay but frustrating providers and placing you at risk of losing them to the competition. Use your operations dashboard to review in real time key metrics such as first case on-time starts, average turnover times and scheduling accuracy, for any given day, week, or month. You can even compare sites and identify best practices that can be taught across the health system, helping lower performing hospitals make necessary behavioral and process changes to improve patient care.

HealthView Analytics is a transformative knowledge and technology platform offered by LUMEDX Corporation. For more than 25 years, LUMEDX has been a market leader in cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). The current generation of this system is the Cardiovascular Performance Program, which utilizes a knowledgebase of best practice insights derived from more than 650 medical centers—combined with analytics embedded in workflows—to boost clinical and financial performance. HealthView Analytics also has enterprise programs in Neurology, Orthopedics and Maternal/Fetal Medicine.

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