ApolloLX Customization Training Webinar: Using Visual Studio

June 3 • June 16 • June 24

To support the transition from Apollo Advance to ApolloLX, LUMEDX conducted training webinars about how to perform customizations for the STS Adult Cardiac 4.20 revision using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. The first one was held in two parts, on June 3 and June 16. The June 24 was 90 minutes long and covered the same material as in Parts 1 and 2, including creating and customizing basic forms, creating and registering new workflows, and more. 

  • Find out about customizations for the STS Adult Cardiac 4.20 in ApolloLX. 
  • Get guidance on using Visual Studio tool to create the most common customizations. 
  • Have a chance to ask questions about customizations, Visual Studio, and more.

Part 1 (June 3) covered adding database fields as well as creating and customizing basic forms, while Part 2 (June 16) went into more detail about compiling a new .DLL, registering user control, and creating and registering new workflows. The June 24 training covered both parts. View the recordings here:

June 3 June 16 June 24

All customizations created in Apollo Advance for the STS Adult Cardiac registry will need to be recreated in ApolloLX for version 4.20 using Virtual Studio, which must be obtained directly from Microsoft. Learn more at visualstudio.microsoft.com

ApolloLX Upgrade

If you haven't transitioned from Apollo Advance to ApolloLX, you only have until July 1 to do so. For more information about the ApolloLX upgrade, visit www.lumedx.com/apollolx. To get answers to some frequently asked questions, go to www.lumedx.com/apollolx-upgrade-faqs 

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