Reimagining registries: Webinar piques interest in data abstraction

A record crowd tuned in for the first in a series of webinars about LUMEDX’s commitment to improving the registry solutions we deliver—and the way we capture and use data.

“As an innovator in the registry market, we are reimagining our registry solutions to improve the user experience,” Patrick Cambas, Vice President of CVIS Product Management at LUMEDX, told attendees last week. “Our objective is to help clients reach their goals and be the best they can possibly be, leveraging intelligent concepts, with less manual effort, to effectively use high-quality data, with greater confidence, in a meaningful way.”

The 30-minute webinar, “Automate Data Abstraction to Decrease Registry Costs and Increase Efficiency,” was held Feb. 12 and wrapped up with a robust question and answer session. Cambas’ presentation focused on a collection of automation tools, assisted by embedded intelligence, to help clients automatically identify and validate registry data, ensuring high-quality data and a streamlined submission process.

The webinar introduced a success pyramid to demonstrate how each step—data collection, quality, improvement, and predictive analytics—builds upon the one below for efficient and effective participation in clinical registries for the future.

The pinnacle of success, according to Cambas, happens when an organization masters each of these steps:

  • The manual data abstraction burden is reduced, with less manual work so personnel can contribute in more valuable ways.
  • Confidence in the quality of data is elevated.
  • Improvement strategies are operationalized.
  • Predictive analytics contribute to population management to avoid poor outcomes that are costly and difficult to treat.

The natural result is clean data for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), public reporting initiatives like the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) Star Ratings, and rankings on top hospital lists from U.S. News & World Report, Leapfrog, and others.

“We are extremely excited to introduce this innovative solution throughout 2020,” Cambas said, adding that LUMEDX is in the early adopter phase.

The full webinar is available to view on demand by clicking here. You can also inquire about becoming part of the next wave of early adopters here.

Posted by Jana Ballinger 02/20/2020 Categories: CMS Quality Improvement STS Webinars