Orthopedics Performance Program

Learn how your service line can reduce waste, improve outcomes, and increase contribution margins

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The Orthopedics Performance Program (OPP) is a knowledge-based services and technology package designed to boost clinical, operational and financial performance for your orthopedics service line. It's executed by a collaborative team of HealthView Analytics specialists and key hospital staff. OPP has 5 action components:

  1. Develop OPP Strategic Game Plan
  2. Access National Best Practice Knowledgebase
  3. Deploy Enabling Technology
  4. Launch Staff Education
  5. Improve Operating Margins
Patient Being Discharged

Reducing Costs from Inappropriate Discharge Dispositions

Different discharge dispositions have different costs associated with them, as well as different patient outcomes. For instance, discharging the patient to her own devices may be the least costly discharge disposition, but can result in higher overall costs due to higher readmission rates. Referring to skilled in-home nursing facility may result in zero readmissions, but can increase the overall healthcare cost for that patient. Gathering and analyzing this data is the best way to determine the optimal discharge disposition with the best outcomes and patient satisfaction rates at the lowest possible cost.


Reducing Surgical Site Infections

Studies have shown that 60 percent of Surgical Site Infections (SSI) are preventable, and the best prevention is tracking them and making providers aware of their own numbers. Reducing avoidable SSI by 50 percent translates to $150,000 of savings per 1,000 surgeries. This can add up to millions of dollars in savings by helping your physicians achieve their SSI goals.

Hip replacement

Reducing Cost of Technology Use

Physicians, like most people, are creatures of habit. They continue to use what has worked well for them in the past. Tracking joint replacement technologies used and comparing against patient outcomes and needs, you can then identify the categories of technologies you need, negotiate the best prices for these, and ensure that your physicians are selecting only from these, thereby significantly reducing costs with no adverse effect on either care quality or patient satisfaction.

Improving Operating Room Efficiencies

Delays in ORs have a rippling effect for all subsequent cases—with increased costs due to overtime pay come frustration, placing you at risk of losing your best providers. View your dashboard to review OR utilization efficiencies by any given day, time of day, week, or month to look at key metrics such as first case on time starts, average turnover times, and scheduling accuracies, in real time. You can even identify top performers and proven best practices to help others make necessary behavioral and process changes.

HealthView Analytics is a transformative knowledge and technology platform offered by LUMEDX Corporation. For more than 25 years, LUMEDX has been a market leader in cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). The current generation of this system is the Cardiovascular Performance Program, which utilizes a knowledgebase of best practice insights derived from more than 650 medical centers—combined with analytics embedded in workflows—to boost clinical and financial performance. HealthView Analytics also has enterprise programs in Neurology, Orthopedics and Maternal/Fetal Medicine.

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