LUMEDX-moderated Healthcare Analytics Twitter Chat

Search the #HITsm hashtag on Friday, March 20 at 9am PT to join in a LUMEDX-moderated discussion on the topic of healthcare analytics. 

LUMEDX Consultant Rachanee Curry, FACHE, will lead participants through a conversation focused on the following questions: 

#HITsm T1: What are the most important improvements that healthcare analytics is driving today? How is your healthcare organization using analytics to drive results/outcomes?
#HITsm T2: How can we prevent information overload and “noise” when using analytics?
#HITsm T3: What are the obstacles to widespread adoption of healthcare analytics? How can we get physicians on board?
#HITsm T4: How will patients influence the development and use of analytics in their health/healthcare?
#HITsm T5: What will healthcare analytics look like in 2020?

Learn more about the Twitter Chat here.

03/16/2015 Categories: Analytics Health IT