Inventory and Billing

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Inventory Management automatically tracks the use of supplies and devices and links that information to the patient's full EHR. By combining device usage with procedural data, the inventory management solution provides a real-time look at your clinical outcomes with various therapeutic devices, supporting quality improvement initiatives. Our solution can be used to manage all aspect of inventory management including but not limited to par levels, reordering and preference cards. However, our solution is commonly bi-directionally integrated with the enterprise material management system to enable the most efficient workflow possible. Reports and analytics enable informed decisions to control costs, such as negotiating more advantageous vendor agreements and maximizing third-party reimbursements. 


Within the Apollo data repository and its associated reporting workflow solutions, our system allows the user to capture all of the relevant billing information and interfaces that data with the hospital’s billing system at case or day’s end. Our collection and integration process eliminates manual, paper-based billing and thus reduces cost and errors.

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LUMEDX is the market leader in cardiovascular data intelligence and cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). Our comprehensive suite of software and services enables meaningful analytics, high-performance workflows, optimal integration of clinical and EHR data, and improved continuity of care. We develop all our solutions with the firm belief that the delivery and management of healthcare is best served by a community of providers linked—and empowered—by technology.

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