Healthgrades recognizes LUMEDX clients for cardiology excellence

LUMEDX would like to applaud the 143 client partners honored by the Healthgrades 2021 Specialty Excellence Awards, which ranks top hospitals in the United States for a range of service lines including cardiac care, cardiac surgery, and coronary intervention.

In the Healthgrades 2021 Report to the Nation, this recent assessment of 32 of the most common procedures and conditions in the country show that if all hospitals, as a group, performed similarly to 5-star rated hospitals, on average: 218,785 lives could potentially have been saved and complications in 148,681 patients could potentially have been avoided from 2017-2019. Looking specifically at key hospital services like coronary bypass surgery, stroke care, and treatment of heart attack, the results underscore the quality care provided by these 5-star hospitals.

“Healthgrades has a long-standing commitment to providing greater transparency when it comes to hospital quality,” said Brad Bowman, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Healthgrades. “Our analysis is designed to help consumers better understand the importance of hospital quality and how it can affect patient care, which has never been more important.”

The three cardiology-related categories are:

Cardiac Care. Superior clinical outcomes in heart bypass surgery, coronary interventional procedures, heart attack treatment, heart failure treatment, and heart valve surgery.

Cardiac Surgery. Superior clinical outcomes in heart bypass surgery and heart valve surgery.

Coronary Intervention. Superior clinical outcomes in coronary intervention procedures (angioplasty with stent).

Healthgrades used national Medicare Provider Analysis and Review data from 2017 to 2019 for the 2021. A full list of recipients is available here on the Healthgrades website, and the list of all 143 LUMEDX client honorees can be found here.

Posted by Jana Ballinger 10/29/2020 Categories: Best Practices Clients in the News