Editorial Policy

LUMEDX Corporation, through its Web site property LUMEDX.com, provides information technology products and services directed at cardiovascular health care providers. One means of connecting the cardiovascular health care community is through Web postings of related health information content.

To accomplish this goal, we have established editorial and advertising guidelines that will ensure accurate and credible health information content. These guidelines are drawn from the following sources:

  • Principles Governing AMA Web Sites, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) (Winker, MA, Flanagin, A, Chin-Lum, B, et al. Guidelines for medical and health information sites on the Internet: principles governing AMA Web sites. JAMA. 2000; 283:1600-1606.)
  • Health on the Net (HON) Foundation Code of Conduct
  • Internet Healthcare Coalition eHealth Code of Ethics
  • Health Internet Ethics Hi-Ethics
  • Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and Libel Manual

We also ask that you read our Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy and Security Statement.


We are committed to providing you with accurate and credible health information content. Our content, whether created by us or obtained from others, undergoes an appropriate peer-review process as determined by our editorial staff. LUMEDX makes every effort to clearly date and attribute content to its original source, and to review and update the content as appropriate.

Content providers include, but are not limited to:

  • Physicians, clinical staff and professional medical writers
  • Government agencies, medical schools, and health care associations, organizations, and societies
  • Licensed news and content providers
Editorial Integrity and Independence

The editorial intent is to provide physicians, clinical staff, and patients with health information content that is unbiased and not influenced by commercial interests. Our editorial decisions-- including those concerning our editorial calendar and health information content--are made independently from sales, marketing, and advertising, and without regard to advertising, sponsorship opportunities, or to personal financial or other interests.

Advertising Policy

LUMEDX does not accept advertising. However, to be able to provide you with quality, credible health-information content, we will accept "unrestricted educational grants" from appropriate corporate sponsors. The corporate sponsor has no influence over the specific editorial content, and the sponsored content is clearly identified. In all cases, LUMEDX maintains complete editorial control of the content provided.

LUMEDX has the sole and absolute discretion with respect to accepting, rejecting, placing, canceling, removing, and all other issues associated with these grants. Our acceptance of such a grant is not an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised for, or an endorsement of corporate sponsors of said grants.

We will not accept sponsorship from companies whose product(s) and/or service(s) are incompatible with our mission; are related to alcohol, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gambling, tobacco, and pornography; are not factually accurate or in good taste; or which may injure our corporate identity and reputation. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to comply with all applicable domestic and foreign laws, including applicable laws and regulations of regulatory bodies (as appropriate).

Linking Policy

While sponsor messages that appear on the LUMEDX sites may contain links to other Web sites, we do not endorse--nor are we responsible for--the content of any third-party Web sites. When you click on the sponsor message or their Web site address (URL), you will be taken to the sponsor's Web site via a window. You may return to our Web site by closing the window. If a link will take you off our Web site, we will advise you of such and provide you with instructions to follow if you do not wish to leave our Web site.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to our Editorial and Advertising Policy, please contact us at:

LUMEDX Corporation
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