ECG Manager

Able to interface with virtually any existing system or device  


A Web-enabled, vendor-neutral solution, HealthView ECG Manager helps your lab maximize efficiency, integrate disparate devices and systems, and improve clinical and financial performance. It is the first truly cloud-based ECG management system, allowing economical deployment to small clinics and hospitals—while still being scalable for very large installations.

With LUMEDX, you can manage over 22 different data types from 30 vendors in more than 10 modalities and capture, store and annotate patient monitoring strips. In addition, this solution provides seamless connectivity to your EHR and presents patient ECG/Stress/Holter data in context with medications, labs, imaging tests and more.

HealthView ECG Manager can also:

  • Reduce lost orders and resulting lost revenue.
  • Support analytics, quality initiatives and research.
  • Provide physicians with access to critical data from any location.

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LUMEDX is the market leader in cardiovascular data intelligence and cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). Our comprehensive suite of software and services enables meaningful analytics, high-performance workflows, optimal integration of clinical and EHR data, and improved continuity of care. We develop all our solutions with the firm belief that the delivery and management of healthcare is best served by a community of providers linked—and empowered—by technology.

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