Data analytics: The missing piece for value-based care

Progress towards value-based care has stalled, according to a new study from Quest Diagnostics, due to a lack of quality metrics and analytics insights from data.

The third annual study even suggests that the shift may have taken a step back over the past year, given that 57 percent of physicians and health plan executives say they now believe that care providers do not have the tools to succeed under value-based care, up significantly from 45 percent in the previous year’s study. More than two-thirds (67 percent) say the United States still has a fee-for-service system.

Additionally, only 39 percent of physicians said electronic health records (EHRs) provide all the data they need to care for their patients. What’s missing is quality metrics, the study concluded.

"While our study suggests the healthcare industry still has a long way to go to deliver value-based care, it reveals avenues to speed the journey," said L. Patrick James, M.D., chief clinical officer, health plans and policy, medical affairs, Quest Diagnostics. "Measures that optimize EHRs, make data more accessible and insightful and reduce complexity of quality measurement are much needed steps to accelerate this transition.”

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Posted by Jana Ballinger 07/30/2018 Categories: Analytics Value-Based Care