Health IT coalition to use data analytics in battle against COVID-19

Healthcare organizations, technology firms, nonprofits, and academia are banding together to use their collective expertise, data, and insights for rapid deployment of innovative, open-source solutions to the global pandemic.

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, a private-sector led response, aims to mitigate the worst effects of the coronavirus by flattening the curve. A key component of this effort will be the use of real-time data for analytics that will help preserve the healthcare delivery system.

LUMEDX client partners HCA Healthcare, the Mayo Clinic, and Intermountain Healthcare have joined big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others. For a full list, visit the website here. All coalition work is voluntary, and members are asked to pledge open cooperation and sharing.

In addition to combining the best sources of information from around the world to provide data, analytics and insights to all, the coalition’s priorities include:

  • Connecting PPE suppliers worldwide to healthcare organizations with immediate needs for N95 masks, ventilators, and protective gowns.
  • Collecting the best protocols for treating COVID-19 from across the nation and sharing them online for the public good.
  • Creating an ecosystem of private sector capabilities to accelerate telehealth, home care, and alternative options to reduce load at hospitals.

“The power of convening enables collaboration in ways that ensure the whole is greater than the sum of their parts,” Dr. John Halamka, president of Mayo Clinic Platform, said in a statement.

For more information, visit the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition page here.

Posted by Jana Ballinger 04/02/2020 Categories: Analytics COVID-19