The Cardiovascular Performance Program

Improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and reduce costs.

Leverage your facility's investment in CVIS by using the data you already collect to achieve high-performance, best-quality cardiovascular care—while dramatically increasing your cardiology and vascular service line's annual profit-margin contribution.

LUMEDX's Cardiovascular Performance Program delivers the tools and services you need for:

  • Enhancing the patient experience (quality and satisfaction).
  • Improving population health.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Increasing physician and staff satisfaction.

By integrating clinical and operational data and delivering relevant, current information at the point of care, you and your team can make more fully informed treatment decisions and improve quality in the long term.

Analyze and act on performance metrics that determine the success of your facility, including:

  • Length of stay and readmissions.
  • Avoidable complications: Bleeding, Acute Kidney Injury, etc.
  • Resource utilization and supply costs.
  • Cost variances.
  • And more.

Improving the Business Performance of Your Heart Center

An Interview with Praveen Lobo, VP of Strategic Services

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LUMEDX is the market leader in cardiovascular data intelligence and cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). Our comprehensive suite of software and services enables meaningful analytics, high-performance workflows, optimal integration of clinical and EHR data, and improved continuity of care. We develop all our solutions with the firm belief that the delivery and management of healthcare is best served by a community of providers linked—and empowered—by technology.

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