The LUMEDX Cardiovascular Performance Program

Today's Healthcare Challenge: How to Improve Outcomes, Increase Patient Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

Improving the Business Performance of Your Heart Center

LUMEDX VP of Strategic Products Praveen Lobo

Leverage your facility's investment in CVIS/CVIT by using the data you already collect to achieve high-performance, best-quality cardiovascular care—while dramatically increasing your cardiology and vascular service line's annual profit-margin contribution.

LUMEDX's Cardiovascular Performance Program delivers the tools and services you need for:

  • Enhancing the patient experience (quality and satisfaction)
  • Improving population health
  • Reducing costs, and
  • Increasing physician and staff satisfaction
Improve Performance and Quality of Care

By integrating clinical and operational data and delivering relevant, current information at the point of care, you and your team can make more fully informed treatment decisions and improve quality in the long term.

The Cardiovascular Performance Program enables you to analyze and act on performance metrics that determine the success of your facility, including:

  • Avoidable complications: Bleeding, Acute Kidney Injury, etc.
  • Length of stay and readmissions
  • Resource utilization and supply costs
  • Cost variances
  • And more
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Find out how your facility can reduce patient-care costs, improve throughput efficiency and more. Fill out the form below to receive your copy of the Complete Cardiovascular Performance Plan Info Pack, which includes:

  • HealthView Analytics Brochure—Highlighting how you can get the meaningful data you require for clinical and operational success
  • ​The Cardiovascular Performance Program Data Sheet—With details about the program's full offerings
  • The Spotlight on Analytics Collection—Tips and insights for CV data intelligence
  • LUMEDX's Top Hospitals Data Sheet—Featuring national hospital rankings that include LUMEDX clients
  • Analytics Manager: The Client Experience—Real-life quotes from LUMEDX Analytics clients

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