Cardiovascular Performance Program

Learn how your service line can reduce waste, improve outcomes, and increase contribution margins


The Cardiovascular Performance Program (CPP) is a knowledge-based services and technology package designed to boost clinical, operational and financial performance for your heart and vascular service line. It's executed by a collaborative team of HealthView Analytics specialists and key hospital staff. CPP has 5 action components:

  1. Develop CPP Strategic Game Plan
  2. Access National Best Practice Knowledgebase
  3. Deploy Enabling Technology
  4. Launch Staff Education
  5. Measure & Monitor Care Transformation
Doctor holding stent

Reduce Cost Per Case

Analyze what is driving cost per case across your provider base. Which providers are the most efficient? Which providers are using which technology? Manage utilization through care pathways and reduce the use of expensive technology by following clinical guidelines known to help drive down the average cost per case.

Manage Contrast Use

Identify providers who are potentially overusing more expensive contrast and driving up costs in cases where the patient may not benefit. With the ongoing ability to measure utilization of contrast use against a target, sites can see $100,000 to $200,000 in savings.

Contrast use in cardiac ventriculography
Radial stenosis

Improve Radial Access

The use of femoral access is well documented to be associated with higher complication rates, as well as potentially higher costs. By driving radial access, you not only reduce complications rates, but you reduce associated costs. The ability to better utilize radial access can drive $300,000 to $500,000 in savings, depending on your service line volumes.

HealthView Analytics is a transformative knowledge and technology platform offered by LUMEDX Corporation. For more than 25 years, LUMEDX has been a market leader in cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). The current generation of this system is the Cardiovascular Performance Program, which utilizes a knowledgebase of best practice insights derived from more than 650 medical centers—combined with analytics embedded in workflows—to boost clinical and financial performance. HealthView Analytics also has enterprise programs in Neurology, Orthopedics and Maternal/Fetal Medicine.

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