Best of Health IT News: Week of 01/29/15

Did you have a chance to check out the latest healthcare IT news stories around the Web? We’ve captured the top industry news stories from this week that you won’t want to miss.

90% of Medicare Will Be Value-Based Reimbursement by 2018

Health IT Analytics reports that HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell has announced a new timeline that hopes to see 90% of Medicare payments transformed into value-based reimbursements by the end of 2018. HHS has outlined three strategies to achieve this goal: incentives, care quality improvement tactics, and health IT and data analytics adoption. 

Consumer Interest in Telemedicine Continues to Rise 

According to Fierce Health IT, a recent survey by EHR comparison site Software Advice has found that 75% of patients who have not used telemedicine are at least "moderately interested" in using it. However, the survey also captured consumer concerns about telemedicine, with 21% of respondents calling telemedicine visits "less personal." 

1,700 Hospitals Win Quality Bonuses from Medicare, But Most Will Never Collect 

Although Medicare is giving bonuses to 1,700 hospitals, many of the payments will be wiped out by penalties that the government has issued for other infractions. In fact, fewer than 800 of the 1,700 hospitals that earned bonuses from this program will actually receive extra money because they are being penalized for too many hospital readmissions or patients who develop infections during their hospital stays. 

Why ICD-10 and Cybersecurity Must Go Hand in Hand 

Fierce Health IT reports that as we get closer to the ICD-10 implementation date, industry experts continue to recommend that providers focus on cybersecurity in conjunction with ICD-10. 

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