LUMEDX deploys automated updates for all HVA products

LUMEDX is pleased to announce that clients will enjoy automated updates for all HealthView Analytics (HVA) products as of Nov. 15—the first step in the company's journey towards an effortless automation process for all software as a service (SaaS) customers.

“We’re excited about how much more efficient it’s going to make things,” said Brian McAuley, LUMEDX’s Director of Enterprise Architecture.

Once fully deployed, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) will ensure that all upgrades and updates to the software will be made without any human intervention on the customer’s part.

Using the Microsoft Azure DevOps platform for the cloud-hosted software, LUMEDX’s HVA customers will continue to receive notifications about updates and upgrades as they are deployed but no action on their part is necessary.

Automation will be rolled out individually in 2020 for other SaaS products such as registry modules, PACS, and other cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) features.

According to McAuley, this is the beginning of LUMEDX’s move towards completely automated updates, designed to streamline and accelerate the process—and remove the hassle and expense involved in downloading and testing new software.

“Automating updates and upgrades is the future for implementation,” McAuley said. “We see a lot of benefits for us and our clients—like reliability and traceability and efficiency. Keeping your software applications healthy and up to date will make harvest time, for example, a lot less stressful.”

In addition to the benefits already associated with the SaaS subscription model—no IT footprint, lower overall costs, and no huge capital expenses—the new automation will eliminate the need for extensive testing, as well as the paperwork and other red tape involved in obtaining administrative approval, for updates and upgrades.

Cloud-based automation is an integral part of modern development designed to find and fix errors more easily during integration and deployment as well as increasing efficiency. “It has been embraced almost universally in the tech sector,” McAuley said, “and now healthcare is coming around.”

If you have questions, please get in touch with your Client Services Manager or Account Executive or contact us here.

Posted by Jana Ballinger 12/05/2019 Categories: Analytics HealthView Analytics