Upgrade now for the STS Adult Cardiac 4.20 revision 

Continuing our track record of supporting cardiovascular service lines for almost 30 years, LUMEDX is offering a no-cost ApolloLX upgrade as part of a package to ensure customers are getting the most out of their LUMEDX software and CV data. For more information about what this means to you, and how to proceed, keep reading or visit our FAQ page here. Don't wait to upgrade!

Transition from Apollo Advance to ApolloLX Today

On July 1, LUMEDX will release the STS Adult Registry revision 4.20 in ApolloLX. Customers who have not upgraded will not be able to submit STS data.  

ApolloLX will include a modernized user interface, real-time validation to ensure accuracy and completeness, and enhanced user input forms that improve data entry efficiency. We are offering free assistance to clients, so use the link below to arrange for help with installation today.


Performance Health Check

LUMEDX is also offering a no-charge Performance Health Check of your databases and interfaces. Through this process, we will identify and remove dB errors, speed SQL and application performance, and access assistance with analytics and registry submissions. If you get help installing ApolloLX, the Performance Health Check will be done as part of that service. Even if you're handling the installation in-house, please arrange for a Performance Health Check today.


HealthView Analytics (HVA)

Our new Microsoft BI-powered analytics platform provides powerful support for your cardiovascular service line. With drill-down capabilities so you can go from high-level metrics to patient-level data in just a few clicks, uncover decision support insights in near real-time that enable your facility to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Customers who have been using Analytics Manager for some time provided us valuable feedback on the user experience. You are clinicians, not SQL programmers, so the interface should be more intuitive. We listened and developed HVA. While it is not necessary to switch right now, we urge you to do so at your earliest convenience.


HealthView Analytics is a transformative knowledge and technology platform offered by LUMEDX Corporation. For more than 25 years, LUMEDX has been a market leader in cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). The current generation of this system is the Cardiovascular Performance Program, which utilizes a knowledgebase of best practice insights derived from more than 650 medical centers—combined with analytics embedded in workflows—to boost clinical and financial performance. HealthView Analytics also has enterprise programs in Neurology, Orthopedics and Maternal/Fetal Medicine.

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