Analytics Manager Sunsetting: Switch to HealthView Analytics

LUMEDX is migrating all Analytics Manager users to the new, more powerful business intelligence solution HealthView Analytics. 

The benefits of HVA include: 

  • More intuitive, user-friendly, and easier to learn.
  • Produces better reports so you can monitor your facility's performance, identify potential problems, and take action quickly.
  • Serves as a mechanism to smoothly get to the data you need to do your job. 

Effective January 1, LUMEDX will no longer be deploying or adding new content to these products:

Analytics Manager STS Adult Module 01017
Analytics Manager STS Thoracic 2.3 Module 00834
Analytics Manager ACC PCI Module 00823

Customers are free to continue to use these products until the next registry submission, but no future versions of the registry will be built for them.

All customers currently licensing these products are eligible for a free migration to our next generation HealthView Analytics through June 30, 2021. After June 30, conversions will be conducted at regular service rates.

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