Vast Majority of Surveyed Hospitals Experience Breaches

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Ninety-four percent of hospitals responding to a recent survey experienced a data breach in the past two years, according to the Ponemon Institute. Forty-five percent of these hospitals indicated that their data was breached more than five times – an increase from 2010 when the percentage of respondents indicating more than five breaches was 29 percent.

With the potential for penalties under HIPAA, the cost of notifying stakeholders and civil suite awards, the possibility these hospitals could be stuck with millions in costs due to data breaches is staggering.

Even more discouraging, those hospitals that had not joined a health information exchange (HIE) cite low or lack of confidence in data security as the number one reason they were reluctant to share information within organizations.

As the move to electronic health records (EHR) continues, what measures is your organization taking to ensure patient data security?


Tuesday, August 04, 2015 7:10:37 PM

re: Vast Majority of Surveyed Hospitals Experience Breaches

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