Photos From the Lumedx User Group Conference in San Francisco


(Top left: Training session for new users presented by Linda Grdina of Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Top center: LUMEDX team members Senior Marketing & Events Coordinator Joelle Mitchell and Senior Director–Client Relations/Inside and Vertical Sales Gwen Korney. Top right: Senior Product Education Trainer John Nicholls and Clinical Registries Manager Katrina Craig. Bottom row, left: Linda Grdina and Joelle Mitchell. Bottom row, center: Reception in San Francisco's Hotel Nikko. Bottom row, right: John Nicholls and Joelle Mitchell.)

This week was a special one for LUMEDX and many of our users. Converging in San Francisco's Hotel Nikko in the days before NCDR.13 and ACC.13, users of LUMEDX software arrived from all over the United States to network, learn about new updates to the product suite and get some additional training. 

It was also a chance for those of us at LUMEDX to spend some time connecting and reconnecting with our end users in person. Many of our clients may be familiar with Senior Product Education Trainer John Nicholls, Clinical Registries Manager Katrina Craig and Senior Marketing & Events Coordinator Joelle Mitchell (who organizes this event and is omnipresent during ACC week!). Users also heard from Senior Director of Client Relations/Inside and Vertical Sales Gwen Korney, Nicole Blalock of John Muir Health, Vice President of Client Satisfaction Bill Gazda and Practice Director of Analytics Consulting Gus Gilbertson. 

We hope our attendees found this year’s conference educational and enjoyable. See you all again next year.


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