New dashboard facilitates near-real-time performance monitoring

Check out LUMEDX's HealthView STS Adult Dashboard

By collecting outcomes data for submission to the STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database, cardiac surgery providers are committing to improving the quality of care that their patients receive. High-achieving providers use the data they collect for this national registry to drive performance improvements on an ongoing basis. 

And what a lot of data there is to collect! From risk factors to discharge medications to readmission rates and more, providers are charged with keeping track of it all. They need tools that are up to the task.

LUMEDX's HealthView STS Adult Dashboard enables cardiac surgery suites to set performance objectives and track metrics against objectives, identify outliers and trends, and work to improve patient care and business outcomes—all in one place. The dashboard allows for efficient, automated monitoring of performance in near-real time, so providers can see, understand, and act on their data. 

Want to learn more? LUMEDX's Complete STS Adult Dashboard InfoPak includes information and ideas for efficient and highly effective management of cardiac surgery data. Click here to download a complimentary Complete STS Adult Dashboard InfoPak.


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