Planning. Project Management. Training. LUMEDX Implementation Services.LUMEDX’s software implementation packages come with the professional services and expertise of formally-trained Project Managers and Implementation Managers. Implementations are conducted in accordance with Project Management Methodology of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

LUMEDX Implementation Services

The methodology consists of five phases: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Controlling, and Project Completion. The project management process begins with Project Initiation and Planning.

In a typical project timeline, the LUMEDX Project Director supervises the client project plan, signoff plan, and the entire implementation process until the client goes live with their system. During the implementation phase, a LUMEDX Implementation Manager works directly with the client on the implementation to address any issues that may arise.

Basic training (included in implementation package) takes place at LUMEDX’s Research, Development, and Training facilities in Bellevue, WA. Once the client is working with a live system, the LUMEDX Account Manager takes over and with the help of the 24-hour Technical Support Team, guides the client through troubleshooting, post-implementation support, and any necessary data conversions.

The goal is to ensure that clients are comfortable using their robust new solutions to meet their business and clinical information needs.

Package includes (at a minimum):

  • Professionally managed implementation
  • Total project planning services with timelines, milestones, deliverables, and reporting
  • On-site planning and technical interfacing with client project team during the entire implementation plan life cycle
  • Development, presentation, and signoff of a comprehensive formal project plan document prior to project start
  • Bilateral milestone signoffs for implementation processes and full verification of operability after installation
  • Software load
  • Backup software to network location
  • Installation of products on client-server or via the LUMEDX-hosted cloud
  • Anytime, anywhere secure access via HealthView
  • Installation training on the client’s workstations
  • System Administrator training 
  • Core database training
  • Validation of workstation setup
  • Basic training for super users
  • Certification of customer’s ability to provide end-user training
  • Customizations to meet the customer’s unique needs

Interface Implementation

For individual interfaces, some software licenses require additional implementation packages.

Interface implementation includes:

  • Installation of the interface on an Interface Workstation
  • Interface configuration to receive or send data
  • Testing of the interface for functionality
  • Demonstration of maintenance functions and user training
  • User training to create custom parser rules or mappings (additional parser rule and mapping services are available)

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