Clinical Excellence

Your healthcare facility strives to provide quality care to patients. LUMEDX Consulting Group can help you achieve your goals. Our consultants work with your staff to implement successful Quality Improvement programs, navigate registry accreditation, and advance clinical performance. 

Readmissions Improvement
Assess the effectiveness of your readmissions program by examining readmissions rates, rapid readmissions management process assessment, and financial impact assessment. Our consultants will evaluate your current performance and develop tailored improvement initiatives for your facility.

Clinical Improvements
As evidence-based care gains traction, it is more critical than ever to improve clinical performance. LUMEDX Consulting Group will assess your registry performance, evaluate Medicare metrics, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Improvement Advisor Accreditation
Help your Quality Improvement staff by bringing on LUMEDX Consulting Group to train your QI team on how to charter improvement projects more effectively and efficiently. We will provide formal classroom training, LUMEDX certification as Quality Improvement Professionals, and more.

Registry Accreditation Services
As the number-1 provider of ACC and STS registry software, LUMEDX can guide you through the accrediting process with ACE, ICAVL, ICAEL, ICANL and other accrediting organizations. Our consultants will support your facility through the process of accreditation reparation, data integration, standardizing reports based on registry, and more.

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